About Doctor Robert Villare, M.D.

Doctor Robert Villare, M.D., Masters Public Administration
Bob served as Chair of Department of Surgery Quality Assurance Committee at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital-Methodist Division and served as clinical instructor in surgery at Jefferson Medical College.

Bob benefits the 3rd District due to his presence in two counties. He works in Salem County where he serves as Chairman of the hospital’s HealthCare Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committees while he resides in Gloucester County in West Deptford Township.

Bob is a strong advocate for patients and for physicians, nurses and technicians working in the “trenches” of patient care.

More than just a physician and surgeon:

With his graduate degree and studies at both Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins, Bob has gained insight into state policy issues and is a strong supporter of advanced education.

Bob has prepared a specific plan to reform healthcare delivery in New Jersey through his experience as a Senior Scholar at Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Health Policy.

Bob’s experience on the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners Advisory Committee on Continuing Medical Education where Rules & Regulations were drafted will be crucial in reforming Health Policy in New Jersey.

Licensed in Health & Disability Insurance, Bob gained knowledge and understanding of complex issues enabling him to make meaningful reforms for you.

Bob’s actions already benefited both the public and healthcare in general when his article in a New Jersey Journal on Health Policy helped persuade Senate President, Richard Codey to clarify rules governing physicians taking their patients to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Imagine what Bob Villare can do for you, as your Assemblymen.

Robert C. Villare, M.D.

Assembly Candidate, 3rd Legislative District

Visit our Web-site at: http://www.votedocbob.com

Robert Villare, M.D. via e-mail at: votevillare@votedocbob.com

further information, please call 856-423-4515

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